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A New Approach To Selling A Business Or Property

A New Approach To Selling a Business or Property

Times are changing. Deals are happening quicker, and more frequently than usual. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up in its’ entirety what is yours.

What do we mean by this?

Take Spotify for example, a music streaming company that have recently listed their company and its’ shares on the Stock Market. Valuing the company in excess of $29.5 billion. Yes, many companies have done this before too, so what’s the big deal about Spotify’s move. Well, they have discarded the old method of trading and cut out the Wall Street banks to allow their early shareholders and employees to immediately sell their shares; so instead of issuing new shares, early investors sold their existing holdings.

So if you’re looking to sell your business or property, we suggest cutting out the traditional business brokers and estate agents and look to new horizons, look for Simphi. Our fresh approach to selling means you retain majority of the proceeds of sale and retain as much profit on your investment as possible. We don’t charge out of this world fees, and nor do we market your business or property the old school way, we don’t require a large upfront fee, nor do we charge high commission upon a successful sale.

Lets face it, not everyone can be as fortunate as Spotify for example, but you can still be in a position to make a lucrative exit from selling your business or property with Simphi. We have tailored our pricing structure to suit the needs of SME’s and private homeowners – whatever your budget, we can adjust.

It’s YOUR business, YOUR property, so it’s only fair that YOU take away as much of the profit as possible.

For a confidential discussion, and a free no obligation appraisal contact Simphi today on 01204 771470 or email us at [email protected]



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