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Business Sales Agents – Trust Them To Be Upfront And Honest?

Business Sales Agents – Trust Them To Be Upfront and Honest?

What is a Business Sales Agent?  A company that broker’s and facilitates the sale of a business. Pretty simple, right?

Well, that is what a good Business Sales Agent should do. Whether they are facilitating the sale of a large business or a smaller family run business, they should support them with their expertise and experience, and provide this service with the vision to sell the business for its maximum value.

But selling is, and can often be a complex process. This is why it is always important to make sure that the contract you undertake with your agent is as transparent as possible. A good agent will always be upfront about what they charge, why they charge what they charge and be clear in how exactly they plan to sell your business in the most efficient time frame.

Not all agents are transparent, and many most certainly are not honest. If they are not charging you upfront, then they will always look to charge high commission or look for a way to implement other costs within their terms and conditions.

This is where and why we are different. We have one low fee, payable upon instruction, and 0% commission.

Things can’t be clearer than that.


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