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Is This A Good Time To Sell My Business?

Is This a Good Time To Sell My Business?

We get this question each year every year at this time of the year.

What we will say is that we see a big upturn in inquiries from buyers during the months of January and February. We can liken this to the rush of new members at Gyms for example.

A lot of people start big projects or decide to make lifestyle changes in the New Year – we all have a new year wish list don’t we.

From past experiences, we believe getting your Business on the market in the month of December; just before the Christmas period is the perfect time to benefit from the vast upturn in inquiries from potential buyers in the following months.

It doesn’t take a university degree or a doctorate to inquire about a business, so if you put your business on the market in December or early January, and have it sold by June July or August, we would say you are ahead of the game.

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