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Landlords Making Huge Profits By Selling Their Properties

Landlords Making Huge Profits by Selling Their Properties

Landlords throughout the UK have made staggering profits in 2017 by selling their rental properties. The average profit was around £85,000, rising significantly for those in London.

There were gains for Landlords throughout England and Wales, with those selling in the North East making the lowest but a handsome profit of around £24,000. If you were in London on the other hand, profits on average were in excess of £250,000.

If you are a landlord ready to make huge profits on your investment properties then the time to sell is now.


Good news for Owner Occupiers too.

Owner occupiers also made a tasty profit on selling their properties last year. On average, the profits were in excess of £92,000. This is because owner occupiers tend to stay in a property for longer than a landlord or an investor. Therefore, giving their property more time to increase in value.

For those homeowners wishing to sell their properties, the time is now.


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