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Most Transparent Business Sales Agent…Ever?

Most Transparent Business Sales Agent…Ever?

When it comes to selling your business, it is very important to find the right agent/broker to help facilitate this once in a lifetime journey. Although we sell businesses everyday, it isn’t everyday that you sell a business and therefore we are built to you make you the focal point in what we do.

How many times do agents tell you that their price and service is the best, and that they are the most transparent agent ever. But are they really? Are they really telling you everything? The answer more often than not is no.

It really is as simple as reading the small print to find out what the hidden costs of using their service is. Ranging from early termination fees to paying commission even if the sale falls through, the hidden traps are endless. This is where Simphi are different.

How are we different?

  • Fixed Fee – regardless of much your business is worth we only charge a one fixed fee at the start of the marketing period
  • No Early Termination Fee – you can leave a month in to the agreement or a day before it comes to an end, we will not charge a fee to leave
  • No Sole-Selling Agreement – unlike other agents where you are tied down to them for a 12 month period, we allow you to market your business with as many agents as you’d like without charging you a fee if they sell

What’s the same between us and other agents?

  • Same Platforms as other Agents – we will market your business on the same platforms as other agents making sure you have full exposure
  • Same Buyers – we will find the same buyers as the other agents
  • Handle Viewings and Offers – we will arrange all viewings for you and negotiate the sale for you

So why us?

  • 0% Commission – we are the only Agent that will provide you with the full sales process without charging commission.

It really is as Black & White as that.

Call Simphi on 01204 771470 to discuss the sale of your business.


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