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Selling a business is by no means a small proposition, therefore it is imperative to do it correctly. First impression is last impression. That is why we follow a strict protocol to make sure you as the seller, are best advised and fully prepared. We, as your agents will make sure you get the best possible service, the right marketing, and best of all, the true value of your business.

Our extensive marketing, dedicated personal agents, and invaluable experience of getting the best possible offer leaves your business in capable hands. From start to finish, we will help you prepare the sale, guide you through it, and offer a after sales services should you wish for it.

Here are some other reasons to use Simphi:

Low upfront Fees

Highly Competitive.

Our Fee is a modest £695.00 including VAT. What makes this better, is that there is no commission to pay when you sell.

No completion Fee

It’s All Yours.

When we sell, the price we achieve, every penny is yours. Simple as that. No commission payable to us. Imagine how many thousands you’re saving.

Extended Marketing

Reach Them All.

We will market nationally and internationally. Sourcing as many prospective buyers as possible. But we don’t stop there. We Liaise with professional bodies, investors and equity funds to reach out even further.

Personal Service

It’s All About You.

We put you at the forefront of all we do. We are all about providing the best, easiest and the most comfortable process available.

No Hidden Terms

Clear as Mud.

Well mud isn’t clear, but you know what we mean. We won’t hide anything from you. From the beginningto the end, we will guide you with total honesty.

Free Appraisal

No Risk.

Everyone likes to know what their business or property is worth. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling, considering selling or just deciding, we will give you a free guide valuation and appraisal.

Experienced Team

You’re in Safe Hands.

We have qualified and experienced staff handling all aspects of the sale process.

Honest & Transparent

What’s There To Hide?

We believe in transparency & honesty. We are clear from the moment we conduct an appraisal to giving real feedback after viewings.

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