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Sell Your Bargain Booze Store NOW.

Sell Your Bargain Booze Store NOW.

Bargain Booze Heading into Administration.

With Bargain Booze heading into administration, thousands of businesses and jobs are now at serious risk.
If a new buyer for the company is not found soon, PWC will be called in as administrators.

But what about existing Bargain Booze owners?

We feel this is the ideal time for bargain booze owners that have previously contemplated selling their store to actually sell. With a large number of potential investors and prospective buyers searching for this type of business to expand their own independent portfolio, we believe there should not be a delay in selling.

We have recently been inundated with messages from business owners from like-for-like businesses asking to purchase bargain booze stores. These owners currently own independent off licences, mini markets and convenience stores. They already have the buying power in place, therefore increasing their purchases for a new store is not an issue.

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