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Sell Your Business Through A Broker And Not An Accountant

Sell your business through a broker and not an accountant

Accountants are great, and yours might do a fine job selling your business. But typically, it’s not what they do. So, most won’t be good at it.

You may feel that selling a business is the kind of job best suited to an accountant, but in reality, it is more a matter of sales and marketing.

Accountants provide professional services. They look after your money. They file the accounts. They help on matters relating to tax. They do all sorts of monetary stuff. But what accountants don’t do is sales & marketing. They’re professional advisers, and not professional salespeople. They’ll only refer your business to us to try and locate a buyer.

Your business is a valuable entity to be priced and sold the wrong way. Too important to squander the years you’ve spent building it up to be a business worth buying.

Whether you’re retiring, moving abroad or looking to do something else, you must get as much for it as possible. Don’t put that at risk by making meager choices and receiving bad advice.

Your choice of professional advice is exactly that; it’s YOUR choice. But whoever you choose, make sure you choose them for the right reasons.

Make sure you’re convinced they know what they’re doing. That is why is it important to speak with as many brokers as possible to really identify who is best suited to sell your business.

Consider previous sales of similar businesses, consider their ethics, their goals, their way of doing business, their vision, and then the costs of using them. You would much rather pay for a reputable company who will sell your business than pay very little or nothing to a sub-standard company who may never sell your business.

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