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Snapped Up!

Snapped Up!

Simphi would like to announce a deal with a coveted businessman whose company is snapping up convenience stores, off licences and general stores at an incredible rate. To be more precise, almost one a week.

The rate at which this is happening means that we are unable to actually market the business on traditional platforms. As soon as they come on to the market, and if the business fits the buyers criteria, they are bought immediately.

The buyer has many different ways to fund the purchase and all deals are completed within a two to three week time frame.

Although over 8 deals have been completed in the last 3 weeks, there is no sign of slowing down. Our new buyer is keen to add more to his portfolio, and would like to add them immediately.

Any one who owns a convenience store, off licence or a general store, and would like to sell, please contact us immediately.


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