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What’s My Home Worth – Automated Valuation Or Professional Valuers?

What’s My Home Worth – Automated Valuation or Professional Valuers?

Your home is one of your biggest assets. No matter where you are, how big or small, whether you’re staying there long term or if it’s just a stop gap; it is always good to know the true value of your home.

Today  there are many agencies, many websites that offer you a free online valuation of your property. But is it giving you an accurate valuation, really?

The answer is no. The automated tool can not possibly take in consideration everything that is needed to get an accurate valuation of your property or as close to as possible.

Some things that the online valuation tool cannot take into consideration are:

  • Knowledge of the area – What’s in the local vicinity? What are the transport links like? Is the property in a school catchment area? Are there any new investments planned for the area?
  • History – What have other houses in the area sold for? What types of properties  have been sold in the area? Are there many properties like yours currently on the market?
  • Condition of the property? The online programme may ask you if your home is in good condition or not, but that doesn’t reflect the true condition of the property.
  • Who’s out there looking for your property? Is property like yours in demand? Are there buyers out there for it? These factors can also boost the asking price of a property.
  • Does the online tool know how expensive your kitchen or bathroom is? 
  • Does the online tool know the size of your property?

There are many more factors that the automated online tool does not, and can not take into consideration. Therefore receiving these valuations or being advised to use those tools are pretty much useless. Yes it may give you an extremely rough idea, and that is exactly what it is, a rough idea.

It may be sadly too low or optimistically too high and these are two of the main issues why houses do not enter the market or do not sell.

A professional valuer on the other hand can bring experience, knowledge of the market and the area, historic sale prices, and will be able to decipher the true value you have added to your home by having a new bathroom fitted.

Maybe agents that use these tools do not have the capabilities or the qualified staff to give a proper valuation, and therefore not achieve the best price for your home. Either way, you should not rely on these online valuation tools.

These tools can not replace the experience and knowledge of a time served professional estate agent. If you are serious about selling, then let one of our experienced agents come and value your home.

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